The Nudge My Tour project aims to develop and test three training and awareness raising tools:

1. Training Methodology

The Training Methodology will cover the following topics:

  • Theoretical foundations of behavioural science and the Nudge theory
  • Key current and future challenges and opportunities of the tourism sector
  • How behavioural science can be applied to address these challenges and build new sustainable tourism models
  • How to build and test a Nudge applied to tourism
  • How to integrate these Nudges and other behaviour-based measures in the long term strategy of a destination or in a policy

The project partners will co-develop this methodology and test it within some of their pedagogic activities. The final Methodology will be made available through a Training of Trainers in October 2023 and through several dissemination channels.

2. Informative Toolkit

This toolkit will explain behavioural science applied to tourism to a non-specialist audience, in order to spread this approach to the broadest public.

It will be designed to cover the same topics as the Training Methodology, but in a simpler, more visual way. The toolkit will include compelling infographics and short videos to illustrate what is behavioural science and how it can be applied to tourism.

Just like the Methodology, the Informative Toolkit will be co-developed and then tested by the project’s partners.

3. Compilation of Nudges and other behavioural science-based measures

There’s nothing better than real-life examples to explain a topic. The Compilation of Nudges will collect examples of measures based on behavioural science that have been already tested and proved successful in the field of travel and tourism, but also in other fields that can be replicable to destination management, tourism planning/promotion, heritage protection.

This Compilation will also include the Nudges that will be developed by the trainees and students with whom we will test the Training Methodology and the Toolkit.